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Epacha Wildlife Reserve is the ideal extension to your Etosha Safari! With 21,000ha, this Reserve is one of Namibia’s largest private wildlife reserves, offering guests many opportunities of discovery.

Join us for a morning, afternoon or night drive to discover the many different species on the Reserve, including the rare black-faced impala, cheetah and bat-eared fox.

The great advantage of staying at a private reserve, is that you will be guided by professional bush rangers who navigate the safari vehicle through the bushveld to track down these rare species.

Together with your ranger, it is not only possible to leave the 4×4 vehicle and follow tracks on foot, but also enjoy a stunning sunset in the middle of the wilderness!



It is known that “the rarest of the bush species come to life at night.” Yes, a daytime safari greatly varies from a game drive at night, with a great variety of animals bringing the dark wilderness to life!

Discover the sights and sounds of both common and rare species as part of an entirely different safari experience!

Our professional bush rangers work with a tracker installed in front of their vehicles. This device is designed to spot rare species such as the bat-eared fox, aardwolf, vulture, hyena and cheetah.

Seeing as our rangers are experts in this field, you are welcome to ask them questions regarding the area’s fauna and flora.



Try your hand at the age-old art of shooting ‘flying’ targets with a shotgun! This unique activity is cherished by many of our guests and the Lodge provides clay pigeons and cartridges of bullets.

Once you have seen some wildlife and enjoyed your time at Mystique Spa, you may be in the mood for a thrilling activity…

Clay pigeon shooting has proven to be an exhilarating experience time and again, with guests testing their skills with a shotgun under supervision.

Your guide will lead you to the shooting venue from where safety instructions will be given. You are welcome to take your own vehicle to the venue.



If the ultimate Namibia safari and spotting Africa’s most fascinating species are what you are after, visiting Etosha with an experienced bush ranger on an open 4×4 vehicle, is not to be missed!

Besides game drives in the Epacha Wildlife Reserve, guests have an opportunity to discover Etosha National Park during a full or a half day excursion.

Guests look forward to seeing large prides of lion, elephant herds, plenty of zebra and springbok, as well as the rare leopard, cheetah and rhino.

Place of Dry Water

Etosha, meaning ‘place of dry water’, is centred on a huge, flat calcite depression (or pan) of about 5,000 square kilometres in northern Namibia.

The ‘pan’ provides a great parched, silver-white backdrop of shimmering mirages in an area of semi-arid savannah grassland and thorn shrubbery. The pan itself contains water only after very good rains and sometimes for only a few days each year. This however, is enough to stimulate the growth of blue-green algae, which lures thousands of flamingos to the pan.

Having been proclaimed a game reserve in 1907 and covering an area of more than 22,750 square kilometres, Etosha National Park is one of Africa’s major wildlife sanctuaries. Despite being a highly ‘managed’ environment featuring a cluster of man-made waterpoints around the central pan (with a boundary designated by a patrolled electrified fence,) this is indeed one of our continent’s most exquisite game parks.

During the drier months (June to November), the waterpoints exert a magnetic pull on the big game herds, and form the centrepiece for guests looking to see the nearly 150 mammal species in the park – including several rare and endangered species such as the black rhino, black-faced impala, tsessebe and gemsbok.