Injabula Restaurant


An authentic African styled restaurant with drum décor lights and traditional artwork, offering up a sensational dining experience with traditional dishes and African music enhancing the vibrant atmosphere.

Savour Mediterranean cuisine presented in bowls instead of conventional crockery. In keeping with global food trends, only the freshest produce is used, and the hotel has its own rooftop garden, which ensures that guests enjoy garden-fresh, home grown vegetables at all times. Salads and specialty grills are presented in the signature bowl dishes that will tantalise even the finest tastebuds.

With stunning views onto Cape Town’s bustling Adderley Street, the restaurant echoes the avant-garde nouveau design that creates a sophisticated dining experience within Cape Town’s vibrant city vibe.

Functions at Bowls Restaurant.

Whether you’re hosting a private event or a corporate function, Bowls Restaurant is the perfect venue to meet or entertain guests, incorporating a balcony area as well as the bar and restaurant areas. The spacious restaurant, which can seat up to 60 people, promises professionalism, style and a funky atmosphere that ensures a successful and innovative event. The sun-drenched rooftop pool, with its magnificent views across the cityscape, is the perfect spot for cocktails.

With attractive views of bustling Adderley Street and close to the historic sights of the delightful Company Gardens, Bowls Restaurant and Bar promises a dining experience that will leave you feeling completely satisfied.


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