aha Lesedi invites visitors to enjoy a gastronomic feast incorporating dishes from the far corners of Africa in its three-tiered restaurant, Nyama Choma, which means the Great African Feast.


An integral element of African culture is the way in which food forms part of the celebration of their eclectic mix of cultures. The 160-seater restaurant, with its authentic setting and vibrant decor, offers an exotic buffet with meat delicacies ranging from ostrich to unusual fare such as crocodile. The restaurant is divided into three sections, namely:

East Africa: featuring murals of the Maasai, the beautiful people of the East

South Africa: Murals of nine tribes of South Africa

North Africa: the Nile Room: Sit cross-legged on floor cushions at low tables

Each of these venues offers its own unique dining experience, where you can absorb the variety of colours, sights, smells, tastes and sounds of the various African customs. All of which is complemented by the restaurant’s traditional and friendly service.


Lesedi’s Fundudzi Bar or Ma Thabeleng’s Shebeen offers a lively location to socialise and enjoy drinks with friends.

Ma Thabeleng’s Shebeen

A fun, friendly bar keeps the wonderful cultures of “Mama Africa” alive, and where you can try a few traditional African drinks. We can also prepare entertaining shebeen lunches to complement your stay.


The lapa which seats up to 120 people offers a unique setting, with burning fire pots surrounding the walls of the lapa and a huge bonfire forming the central feature. Soft, white river sand forms the flooring to provide an outdoor atmosphere, while the menu is a true African braai, accompanied by a buffet of African dishes. A fully stocked bar is also available. The lapa is the perfect choice for informal functions or as an alternative dinner venue or simply for a great outdoor party.


This room reflects the traditions and style of the people of the North who are reliant on the mighty Nile River and sit cross-legged on floor cushions at low tables smoking a hubbly-bubbly when they want to relax. The décor and murals represent the history of our Northern neighbours, the slave trade, the explorations of David Livingstone and the influence of the Arabian traditions, cultures and food. It is an ideal venue for private functions, birthday parties or celebrations of up to 40 people. A popular alternative is to hire a belly dancer.

Ingoma (Dance) Boma

This is our traditional Isibaya or Great Hut and is an ideal venue for buffet or barbeque (“braai”) style functions for up to 50 guests.