aha Shakaland, situated just 160km north of the city of Durban is a living monument to traditional Zulu culture. It is here that people from all over the world come to experience Zulu culture. Travelling in Africa is not complete without a visit to this cultural attraction.

aha Shakaland offers traditional accommodation in KwaZulu-Natal, featuring authentic African decor, complete with wooden interiors, thatched roofs and an earthy, warm ambience.

Enjoy the Shisa Nyama restaurant with its authentic setting. Shakaland’s restaurant offers traditional Zulu dishes.

Shakaland’s state-of-the art conference venue offers a unique blend of modernity and tradition, and you won’t believe that you’re less than two hours away from Durban’s metropol!

Don’t miss out on the cultural Nandi Experience (a 3-hour daytime adventure named in honour of Shaka’s mother, Nandi) or the cultural tour which includes the Beer Drinking Ceremony, Fighting Formations, the Sangoma, spear throwing and more.

If you’re looking for luxury accommodation near Durban, paired with a rich African cultural experience, aha Shakaland is your go-to destination.


“The booking in this hotel is not only for the hotel but for a complete Zulu experience in a rebuilt Zulu village. You should take your time to visit the location and follow the different experiences offered (guided tour, dance, dinner). Don’t forget to book the dinner seperately.”



“Most original Zulu experience ever!”

My girlfriend and I visited Shakaland for a day tour and had loads of fun. Nonhlanhla the receptionist was very friendly and helpful, Xolani our guide was very informative. The tour was educational and the whole experience was very original. I can say that because we share the same culture as Ndebeles from Zimbabwe. The lunch was great with a variety of both traditional and morden foods. My girlfriend joined in on the dancing and the carrying of calabashes as she was dressed in her Zulu gear. I highly recommend this place as it truly reflects the Zulu culture. And umqombothi (beer) was good. A perfect place to experience Africa
Visited October 2015

Lovemore N